Finesse Hexagonal Marker - Set of 10


Set of 10 non slip Finesse Flat Hexagon Marker, the flat markers are perfect for training on all surfaces. The firm, non slip markers guarantee uninterrupted play.

  • Unit: Set
£17.10 £12.72 Inc. VAT

Finesse Flat Hexagonal Markers are the ideal solution to the problems that sports coaches face when marking out training drills. The strong grip is perfect for slippery surfaces, preventing them from moving in training.


  • Set of 10
  • Colours - Green and White
  • Made from durable rubber
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 23cm diameter
  • Supplied with a black carry bag for convenience

What's Included

Set of 10 markers
Black carry bag

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Finesse Hexagonal Marker Set

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Finesse Hexagonal Marker - Set of 10


  • Unit: Set
  • Weight: 0.00kg
£17.10 £12.72 Inc. VAT
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