The Ron Harrod Foundation

Nominate a young sportsperson for Ron Harrod Foundation funding – Harrod Sport is looking for a local athlete to sponsor in 2019!

Competing can be expensive, even at a local or regional level. Equipment can be expensive, and that's before hotels and travel. For this reason, many talented young athletes have to give up their dreams of competing, of pushing themselves to see what they can achieve.

Harrod Sport is in a position to help.


The Ron Harrod Foundation was set up by Harrod Sport to provide funding for under-25s sportsmen and women to help them continue to compete in their chosen sport.

In 2018, we will be looking for the recipient(s) of £5,000 of funding in 2019. We are inviting nominations from YOU, which will be assessed by a panel of judges before one or more recipients are chosen. The panel includes Harrod Sport board members, local athletes, and representation from Suffolk Sports.

Nominate Someone

Do you know a promising young sportsperson from Norfolk or Suffolk who is struggling to fund themselves? If you are a sports club, association, parent or coach, you can nominate a local under-25-year-old to receive a grant. Nominees must be 25 or under and from/living in Norfolk or Suffolk.

To nominate someone, please follow the link :