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  • Are sockets available separately? and what are their codes?

    Yes, all goal sockets whether football, rugby, tennis or netball are available to purchase separately. All Harrod Sport's posts come complete with sockets as standard.

  • Are your nets fire retardant?

    No, unfortunately none of the nets within our range are fire retardant.

  • At what distance would you recommend the use of an Intermediate Support Post (VOL-077)?

    We would recommend the use of an Intermediate Support Post for spans of volleyball netting over 20 metres. Optimum support can be achieved with one placed at every 20 Metre interval.

  • Can FBL-554 be used on these goals?

    These trolleys were designed to be used for portable football goals made from our Euro section. They have not been tested for use on Aluminium Hockey Goals and although they will support the weight and the goals will fit onto the trolleys, we cannot recommend using them for this purpose.

  • Can I buy half sets?

    Yes half sets can be purchased.

  • Can I order spare white rubber feet?

    Yes, you will need to order them using the product code CAP815.

  • Can replacement nets be purchased for a product?

    Yes, Nets can be purchased separately to a product at any time. A separate code can be found on each product page for extra nets and accessories.

  • Can spare nets be purchased for the Mini Training Goals?

    Yes, Spare nets can be purchased separately to the product using the following codes FBL-626 Spare 1.5m x 1.0m net, FBL-627 spare 2.0m x 1.0m net and FBL-628 spare 3.0m x 1.0m net.

  • Can the Premier Boot Wiper be concreted directly into the ground?

    Yes these can be concreted directly into the ground.

  • Can the wheels be bolted to the Backboard?

    Yes, the HOC-141 wheels can be bolted to the Backboard.

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  • Are your goals metal?

    Yes, We offer goals in a variety of materials including Aluminium, Steel and PVC.

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes we have a fleet of 3 Lorries, 2 vans and the use of external couriers such as Tuffnells.

  • How do you thread a new headline wire through a tennis net?

    The easiest and most efficient way to thread the headline is to secure it to the existing headline (with tape or tie) and pull it through. Other than the preferred method above, the only alternative would be to push the headline through as if threading elastic through a waist band.

  • How high should a standard tennis net be?

    A standard Tennis net when in situ should be 3.5 feet at post level and 3 feet in the middle

  • How long is a Crossbar?

    The crossbar length will vary dependant on the size of goal you wish to purchase. This measurement of the cross bar equals the internal width of the goal plus the diameter of both posts (uprights).

  • How long will delivery take?

    Delivery will vary from product to product, dependant on size, weight, availability etc. As a rule, stock items can be dispatched on a 3 day business service, and bigger items (i.e. full sets of goals) can be delivered by Harrod UK's own delivery drivers. These work on a weekly route so please allow 1-2 weeks from order for delivery. If you require a more definitive answer, please ring our office and we can provide you with a more accurate time scale.

  • How many goals are in a set?

    1 set = 2 goals. 1 set is enough for one pitch.

  • How much does Assembly cost and what is the benefit?

    Our assembly department is regularly being expanded due to an ever increasing demand. Our highly skilled fitters provide first class service delivering and erecting any items from our range of freestanding equipment. Please contact our sales office sales@harrod.uk.com for expert advice and a quotation.

  • What age is a senior sized goal for?

    According to FA Guidelines, senior sized goals should be used for all competitive football matches from age Under 15 upwards, but can also be used for matches for Under 13 and Under 14 age groups as well.

  • What is a Turf Screw?

    The Turf Screw is a unique Harrod UK product that was designed as a strong socket style solution for where concrete is not possible. It can be used as a preferred method of installation for systems needing to be dismantled easily. IMPORTANT - Not to used for goal posts.

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