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  • How high should a standard tennis net be?

    A standard Tennis net when in situ should be 3.5 feet at post level and 3 feet in the middle

  • How long is a Crossbar?

    The crossbar length will vary dependant on the size of goal you wish to purchase. This measurement of the cross bar equals the internal width of the goal plus the diameter of both posts (uprights).

  • How many Chem bolt anchors do I need to purchase to anchor two team shelters down?

    One set will anchor one shelter. One chem bolt set comes complete with 7 PVC casings for use in tarmac and 7 M12 x 250mm bolts designed to be installed into a concrete pad. So you will need 2 sets.

  • How many goals are in a set?

    1 set = 2 goals. 1 set is enough for one pitch.

  • How many Insertion tools do I need to buy?

    The Turf screw insertion tool is a device required to screw the turf screw into the ground. Only one tool is required to install all turf screws but more can be purchased if there are many sockets needing to be installed should you wish to.

  • How many litres of Line marking fluid can you buy?

    The field master Fluid is sold per 20 Litres of fluid, supplied in 2 x 10 Litre drums weighing 31Kg overall.

  • How many mats can you put on the Super Heavy Duty trolley (MAT-012)?

    The maximum number of 25.4mm mats that can be safely placed and transported on the trolley is 45.

  • How many Net clips do you get when you order FBL-225?

    Using the product code FBL-225 when ordering you will receive a pack of 80 Net clips.

  • How much does the Competition hurdle weigh?

    Our H6 Competition hurdle (HUR-006) conforms to I.A.A.F and UK athletics height and toppling force regulations. Each hurdle weighs 12 Kg.

  • How tall are badminton posts?

    The height of each of our badminton posts are 1.55 metres

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