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  • I'm looking to purchase 16ft x 6ft aluminium football goals and nets for use on grass. They need to be taken apart after use but do not necessarily need wheels. What would you recommend?

    We would suggest our FBL-180 goals with FBL-370 nets. Whilst they cannot be taken apart they can be folded and easily transported away from the playing area.

  • I’m looking to purchase a set of London 2012 hockey goals. Do these come with the London 2012 logo on it?

    The goals will come plain, with no London 2012 logo. However, we do have the facility to personalise them for an additional cost with either a school or club logo either into the carpet (inside backboard) or on the vinyl (on the outside of the backboards).

  • If a school/college has the old style lacrosse goals does this mean that from September 2015 they will need to purchase the new competition ones for tournament/matches?

    Yes, if they want them to conform to the new regulations for competition play.

  • If the posts have been installed wider than the recommended distance, do you sell an extension of the headline wire to enable us to attach the net to the posts?

    We are unable to add an extension to an existing tennis headline (standard size 13.7m). However, we are able to provide a longer replacement headline if required as a special product.

  • Is the Handle on the heavy duty winch post removable?

    No, but it does fold in.

  • What age is a senior sized goal for?

    According to FA Guidelines, senior sized goals should be used for all competitive football matches from age Under 15 upwards, but can also be used for matches for Under 13 and Under 14 age groups as well.

  • What anchors are required for shelters that need fixing to a concrete slab above ground level?

    The anchors required are the ANC-010.

  • What anchors are required for shelters that need fixing to a concrete slab below ground level?

    The anchors required are the ANC-025

  • What are the exact measurements for the run back of the 4.88m x 1.83m folding Aluminium goal (FBL-180)?

    The runback on this goal is 1574mm.

  • What are the hole centres of the net supports?

    The hole centres of the net supports are 500mm.

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