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  • What are the hole sizes?

    12.5mm Diameter

  • What are the measurements of the backing plate?

    The measurements of the backing plate are 250mm x 50mm x 7mm depth.

  • What are the measurements of the Combination Club Badminton base?  

    The dimensions over all are; 486mm width, 128mm Depth and 528mm Length. Dimensions of the weight block : 100mm width, 50mm Depth and 370mm Length.  

  • What are the measurements of the Combination School Badminton base?

    The dimensions over all are; 350mm width, 128mm Depth and 735mm Length. Dimensions of the weight block: 100mm width, 50mm Depth and 230mm Length

  • What are the Mini Training Goals good for?

    The Mini training goals are light weight but strong, made from aluminium, easily portable and often used by clubs and schools as the perfect training aid for target practice.

  • What can you adjust the netball ring to?

    Our netball ring height can be fully adjusted to 2.5m, 2.75m and 3.05m on the upright.

  • What colours are NBL-052 available in and can logos be printed on them?

    The Netball Protectors are available in Royal Blue, Navy, White, Black, Red, Yellow & Green. They can be printed with a logo although this will need to be supplied before we can quote.

  • What grade of concrete do you recommend for your socketed products?

    Grade C28/35 is one of the most commonly used forms of concrete and find this is perfectly suitable for any of our products which require concrete.

  • What is a Turf Screw?

    The Turf Screw is a unique Harrod UK product that was designed as a strong socket style solution for where concrete is not possible. It can be used as a preferred method of installation for systems needing to be dismantled easily. IMPORTANT - Not to used for goal posts.

  • What is the difference in height between the international NFL posts and Club American posts?

    There is a 4.6m difference in over all height. The Club American football posts measure 9.1m compared to the International NFL posts that measure 13.7m high from ground level.

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