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  • What is the difference in size from an Senior and Junior goal?

    0.92m in length and 0.31m in depth. A senior goal measures 7.32m by 2.44m and a Junior goal measures 6.4m by 2.13m.

  • What is the exact the overall distance from front to back on the base of the NBL-040 posts.

    The overall distance from front to back on the base is 968mm.

  • What is the external width of the 3G Original Integral Weighted Senior Goals including wheels?

    The external width including wheels is 7824.

  • What is the length of an FBL-022 socket for flexi poles?

    The insertion depth of an FBL-022 socket is 300mm. The socket is 330mm from the top of the socket tube to the bottom of the plate.

  • What is the maximum load 50mm split rings can hold?

    The maximum load is 20kg

  • What is the maximum tyre pressure on the Super Heavy Duty Trolley?

    50 P.S.I. but would recommend not exceeding 40 P.S.I.

  • What is the minimum amount of Concrete needed to install the Socketed International Netball Posts?

    400mm in a sports hall or 400x400x400 for outdoor use.

  • What is the out of ground height?

    The out of ground height 2932

  • What is the overall depth of this goal?

    The overall depth of this goal is 1306mm.

  • What is the overall height of the goal on the trolleys

    The overall height of the goal on the trolleys is 2911mm

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