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  • Can you confirm the top and bottom runback size of the FBL-096 and FBL-245 9v9 nets please?

    FBL-245 bottom runback is 2.13m, the nets are 3mm thick and suitable for the FBL-240 Folding Ali Goals. FBL-096 bottom runback is 2.7m, the nets are 2.5m thick and are suitable for the FBL-060 Goals.

  • Could you let me know please if your line marking fluid (MRK-006) is available in a dry powder form at all?

    We currently only sell one type of line marking fluid which is in a liquid format.

  • Do TEN-004 Nets fit the TEN-016 S1 Tennis Posts?

    Yes both the TEN-004 and TEN-002 nets fit these posts although our P17 (TEN-002) nets are what we recommend.

  • Do the (FBL-645) five a side Goals come with wheels?

    FBL-645 Five A Side Weighted Goals do not come complete with wheels as they are fitted with the rear roller. Can be easily manovered using 2 able people.

  • Does the locating pin in the tennis upright face into the court?

    Yes, the locating pin in the tennis upright face into the court.

  • For the BAD-036 posts do you use the BAD-003 net for badminton and mini tennis?

    Yes one BAD-003 net will do both.

  • How does the hinged post assembly roller work?

    It simply bolts on to the rear of a tractor roll bar. The tractor takes the weight of erecting or taking down hinged rugby posts.

  • How far from the fence do the Fence folding goal posts (FBL-580) protrude whilst in the stored position?

    To maintain minimum run-off requirements the FBL-580 protrudes 192mm from the fence when folded.

  • How far from the fence does the goal project when folded?

    The goal projects 194mm from the fence when folded.

  • How high are the multi boot wipers?

    The multi boot wipers (codes BWP-003, 004, 005, 006) are all 1m high.

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  • What is meant by a Pro Forma invoice?

    An invoice for goods that requires payment before the order is despatched. Often used when funds need to be secured or budgets allocated.

  • What is the difference in size from an Senior and Junior goal?

    0.92m in length and 0.31m in depth. A senior goal measures 7.32m by 2.44m and a Junior goal measures 6.4m by 2.13m.

  • What is the size of a senior goal?

    A senior goal is 7.32m Wide x 2.44m High

  • What types of anchors are available for sports halls?

    There are 3 different anchorage products for sports halls. Floor Sockets, Sports Hall Anchors and Wall fixed sportshall anchor.

  • Why should I buy Aluminium goals?

    This material is lighter in weight and easily portable, but still very strong. Rust free.

  • Why should I buy Steel goals?

    Heavy duty, hard wearing. Ideal for unsupervised areas.

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