Line Marking

Harrod Sport manufacture traditional marking machines available in varying marking widths, ideal for the club groundsman. Line Marking Fluid also available within the range.

Line Marking
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Easy to use, high quality pitch markers

All Harrod manufactured line marking equipment is designed, developed and built in Lowestoft. All Harrod equipment for groundsmen and clubs is designed to competition standards of safety and construction.

As important as a good surface, clear, white lines not only help players and officials during play, but they also make a pitch look its best for spectators.

Line widths

The WM1 Waveny Line Marker is ideal for use on grass pitches. This traditional marking machine model is manufactured from steel and has a blue finish.

This model uses a knurled transfer wheel to improve the fluid distribution.

Ensuring the maximum level of user control is vital to ensure pristine line markings, which is why the WM1 Waveny utilises front wheel marking and heavy duty rubber wheels (305mm) to improve cornering and maneuverability.

How much paint will I need?

With a large 18 litre tank, the WM1 Waveny has the capacity to mark out two football pitches in one filling. When the marking is complete, the tank wheel simply lifts out, making cleaning the equipment easy.

Harrod's range includes Fieldmaster Fluid for use with the Line marking machines. Sold per 20 litres of fluid and supplied in 2x10 litre drums, Fieldmaster Fluid is a weather-proof additive for sports ground marking that is ideal for use with the WM1 Waveny Line Marker machine.

Lines for differing sport regulations

Line marking machines are available with the following sized marking wheels:

  • 50mm
  • 76mm
  • 100mm

The marking wheels on the 50mm and 76mm models are interchangeable, allowing for versatile use across a number of sports.

Width of pitch line markings by sport

  • Football: Often 100mm, but must not exceed 120mm
  • Tennis: 50mm
  • Rugby League: 50mm
  • Rugby Union: 50mm
  • Hockey: 75mm
  • American Football: All lines must be 100mm in width, except for the sidelines and end lines, which can be wider


If properly maintained, your line marker could last many years, but general wear and tear could reduce the life of your equipment. To protect against this, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential.

Harrod produce a wide range of sports equipment for all age groups and conditions. Take a look at our range to find the right type for your school or club.