Safety In Sport

Goal post safety is an emotive issue and one that we have always taken very seriously here at Harrod Sport.
As the UK's leading manufacturer of goals, posts and nets, we are fully committed to designing and manufacturing industry leading designs that have widely become the standard in our marketplace.

As both a founding member and UK representative of the Comité de Européan Normalisation (CEN) Safety Standards Committee since 1989 we are passionate advocates for goal post safety, striving to educate and change the culture of procurement and more importantly the use of unsafe goals that have sadly been responsible for many fatal injuries.

We have Set the Standard for goal post safety documentation and have designed a goal post safety information pack to accompany every goal that leaves our factory. This pack can also be downloaded by clicking on the image to the right hand side of this page. Our aim for the information packs is to provide you with important facts and guidelines to help ensure your equipment is safe both in use and whilst being stored.

Our range of "Original Self Weighted goals" was a game changer in terms of safety. Our aim was to design a goal that required no any additional anchorage to conform to EU standards as well as more importantly being safe to use at all times. The concept we developed has now been widely adopted as the industry standard and we are rightly proud that our designs have contributed to making our sports fields a safer place to enjoy sport.

Wherever there is an EU standard, you can be assured that every Harrod Sport product has been independently tested and certified to the latest relevant safety standard by a UKAS accredited test house.

All official test certificates are available for distributors to download within the Resource Centre.

We are continually innovating and improving our range to ensure you have absolute confidence with their safety, performance and durability.

Setting the standard, leading the field

Download our goal post safety document here.

Download our operations & maintenance guide here.