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  • What is the overall runback including wheels?

    The overall runback is 1597mm from the front of the upright to the back of the wheel.

  • What is the overall width of the plate?

    The overall width of the plate is 360mm

  • What is the part number of the MK1 Crossbar?

    The part number for the MK1 Crossbar is the FEQ605.

  • What is the size of a senior goal?

    A senior goal is 7.32m Wide x 2.44m High

  • What is the suitability of Harrod TEN-098’s for use within a sports hall?

    This product can be used within a sports hall, but there may be added pressure points across the span. Therefore to help with this we can supply a set with protection rubber across the span for an additional price of £50.00 per set. If you should wish to choose this option, please place an order for TEN-098-S, with a description of freestanding tennis posts with added protection clearly stated on the order.

  • What is the total depth from the front of the goal to the back of the anchor post?

    The total depth from the front of the goal to the back of the anchor post of the 3G fence folding goal is 593mm

  • What is the width when folded?

    When folded the goal is 237mm wide.

  • What material are the boot wiper brushes made from?

    Black Polypropylene Bristle set into Beech Timer Block

  • What should I do with my rugby posts when high winds are forecast?

    All of our rugby posts are structurally tested to withstand up to 60mph winds. It is recommended that the rugby posts are taken down if winds exceed 60mph and stored in a secure place.

  • What size net do I need for my Sportshall?

    Take the wall to wall measurement of your Sportshall, and deduct 1m. For example, if your Sportshall is 31m, you would require a 30m net.

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