Welcoming our new and exciting division to the company – Innovative Sports Products!

Welcoming our new and exciting division to the company – Innovative Sports Products!

At ISP we aim to continuously design and develop innovative equipment and technology within the sports industry. Our Research and Design department is second to none in the field of sports equipment manufacturing. We are excited to channel the team's knowledge and ideas and combine these with the latest trends in innovation and technology. ISP is ready for the future of sport – technology.

Until recent years, sports and technology didn't always seem like the most natural pairing. However, as we've seen over the years, there is always room for improvement within different sports. Whether it's for the purpose of making a good thing great, or fixing a broken system altogether, technology has played a major role in perfecting the sports that we love to play, watch and analyse.


While at Harrod Sport we have always had innovators working in Research and Design in various parts of the business, in 2017 they were brought together in a brand-new facility, our Innovation Centre. With more space and a united team, fresh and exciting ideas will be vital to ISP's growth over the upcoming years.

SmartGoals: A Dutch Innovation

ISP are delighted to be chosen as the exclusive UK distributor for a revolutionary interactive training aid called SmartGoals, the Dutch Sport Innovation award winner for 2015.

Developed by the Dutch company SmartSports, SmartGoals offer an endless variety of exercises to trainers and athletes. The system uses interactive training gates and lights to challenge players' attention, reaction time, and the ability to make decisions quickly and under pressure.


The scope of this product for coaching is extensive. Multiple and diverse drills can be easily achieved for football, hockey and various other sports. Both technical skills and tactical training are combined to create dynamic and unexpected situations. This ensures constant attention and awareness is maintained.


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The future:

Not only are we seeing technology grow for decision making in sport, but we are seeing more and more growth in training aids for sport. Technology and innovation in sport is rapidly growing, and Innovative Sports Products are looking forward to leading the way in the UK market.

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