Basketball Posts, Goals and Accessories

Basketball Goals, Backboards and Accessories manufactured in the UK and available in senior and mini sizes. All Harrod Sport basketball goals conform to the European Safety Standard BSEN 1270.

Basketball Posts, Goals and Accessories
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Professional quality basketball equipment

All Harrod posts are built to professional standards, bringing high quality to clubs and schools for all levels of play.

Innovation and Safety

From refining designs and materials to improving safety, portability and easy storage, Harrod has prided itself on innovation for over 60 years.

All of our posts are prototyped, developed and built to professional standards in East Anglia. We supply a wide range of posts, backboards, rings and protectors for schools and clubs at every level of the sport.

"Harrod Basketball posts are built from heavy duty steel and are also available in adjustable cantilever models."

Post types

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty goals are ideal for outdoor courts as they are designed to be left in place all year round. Mechanical lifting equipment must be used when assembling these posts.

Regulation BB4 ring is bolted directly through to the steel arm for added strength. This range is available with either steel (1.22m x 0.9m) or MDF (1.8m x 1.05m or 1.22m x 0.9m) backboards.


Constructed from 100mm square heavy duty steel, the adjustable Cantilever extension arm provides 120cm projection and can be set at the required height for either for junior and senior play during the installation.

This is a permanent post designed to be concreted 914mm directly into ground but can also be used with sockets..

Mini Basketball

Mini Basketball is a variation of the sport for 8-12 year olds. This version of the game is played with a regulation size ring at a height of 2.6m from the ground, and a smaller ball.

Harrod mini basketball posts are made from 100mm square heavy duty steel, feature 120cm projection and MDF backboards.Both permanent and socketed versions of this post are available.

Harrod's mini basketball posts conform to the following safety standards: BS EN 1270 (permanent), BS EN 1509 (socketed).

Post Protectors

Made with 50mm thick foam and reinforced polyester PVC covers, single coloured Post Protectors are available in your team colours and designed to fit Heavy Duty and Cantilever Basketball Posts.

1.8m high x 560mm wide x 50mm thick to fit posts to a maximum 100mm square.

Court dimensions

For Basketball played at Community or Club level, Sport England recommend the following court dimensions:

Minimum court: 26m x 14m

Maximum court: 28m x 15m

While Mini Basketball can use these dimensions, the court can be scaled down in size, providing the variations are in the same proportions:

from 26m x 14m to 12m x 7m.


If properly maintained, basketball goals and backboards can last for years, but general wear and tear could reduce the life of your posts.

To protect against this, regular maintenance is essential. This includes regular checks for fixtures and fittings and the use of touch-up paint when chips appear in the paint.

Harrod produce a wide range of basketball and equipment for all age groups and abilities. Take a look at our range to find the right type for your school or club.