Cricket Nets, Cages and Stumps

Harrod Sport offers a comprehensive range of socketed frame, freestanding and winch style cricket bay systems to suit all requirements. A range of cricket netting, stumps, boundary ropes and rebound trainers are also available.

Cricket Nets, Cages and Stumps
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Our Products

Professional quality Cricket equipment

Harrod manufactured cricket nets and cages are designed, developed and built in East Anglia.

We would advise the local council or contractors should undertake the installation of permanent posts.

The range includes cricket equipment available for clubs or schools. No matter the level, all Harrod equipment is built to professional standards.

Permanent or Portable


Designed as a professional training system, the County practice net is ideal for locations where permanent sockets are not available and can easily be installed and dismantled before cricket matches.

Heavy duty

Constructed from 42.4mm - 3mm thick steel, Harrod's heavy duty cages are sturdy, robust and ideal for parks and clubs of all levels.


38mm + 1.6mm thick galvanised steel posts support the 3.6m uprights on this range of cricket cages that are a popular solution for parks and schools.


The Premier Steel freestanding cricket cage can be easily positioned by two people, allowing practice to begin quickly, and can be moved off site easily after use to make space for other sports.

Harrod's portable Premier Wheelaway cricket cages are built from either galvanised steel or aluminium and are ideal for schools, clubs, or any pitch where permanent practice nets would be impractical.

Harrod also supply standard wooden bays.

Winch system

To help groundsmen maintain a high quality, natural surface, a winch system can allow the netting to be drawn back so that the surface can be treated with minimal obstruction from netting.

Pitch sizes and boundary markers

Depending on the age group and surface available, the following dimensions are recommended:

Turf pitch

22.56m x 3.05m

This size is recommended for all-age at premier/regional level as well as domestic matches and national youth events:

Synthetic pitch

Minimum: 25m x 2.4m

Maximum: 28m x 2.8m

This size is recommended for players at Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 level.

For younger players, a 18m x 2.4-2.8m pitch is recommended for T20 Blast (ages 8-12) and 13m-16m x 2.4‑­2.8m for In2Cricket (ages 5-8).

Practice equipment

Harrod supply a range of cricket equipment and accessories for training and practice sessions including Wicket protection matting, 24mm white polypropylene rope and Pro Flex cricket stumps.

Maintenance tips

If properly maintained, posts can last for years, but general wear and tear and rust could reduce the life of your equipment.

To protect against this, regular maintenance is essential. This includes regular checks for fixtures and fittings and the use of maintenance paint when required. Damaged nets can be easily repaired with twine.

Replacement ground pegs, socket lids and split rings are available to keep your cages looking and performing at their best.

Harrod produce a wide range of cricket cages, nets and practice equipment for all age groups, abilities and locations. Take a look at our range to find the right type for your needs.