Rugby Posts, Goals and Training Equipment

Harrod Sport rugby posts are used in top level venues such as Twickenham, Murrayfield and the Aviva Stadium. All rugby posts are manufactured in the UK and are available in aluminium or steel. Rugby post protectors, training equipment and spares are also available below.

Rugby Posts, Goals and Training Equipment
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Combination Football/Rugby Posts

Combination Football/Rugby Posts

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Professional quality rugby posts

"Harrod's Professional posts have been supplied for major events including the 2021 Rugby League World Cup and the 2011, 2015 and 2019 Rugby World Cup."

Harrod manufactured rugby posts are designed, developed and built in Lowestoft and have been installed in a wide range of world-class rugby venues including Twickenham, Dublin's Aviva Stadium, Cardiff's Millennium Stadium and Murrayfield.

In 2019, Harrod's Millennium posts were used at the Rugby World Cup in Japan. They were also used at the England Rugby League World Cup in 2021.

All Harrod rugby posts are independently certified and apply to British safety standards.

Hinged or Socket?

There are two types of rugby post available:

Hinged posts

Making the posts easier to set up and remove, hinged post assembly rollers simply need to be attached to a tractor's roll bar. By allowing the vehicle to take the weight of the posts, they are quicker to put up and easier to bring down for maintenance.

Socketed posts

Socketed posts are securely fitted into the ground using cement. While moving the posts will be more challenging, the stability and safety make these an excellent option for clubs and schools.

Installation can be provided on rugby posts.

Post dimensions

For both Rugby League and Rugby Union, the posts should be 5.5m apart and connected by a crossbar 3m from the ground. The height of posts can vary depending on the age and level of the players.

Recommended post heights:

  • Schools: 6m or 9m
  • Clubs: 11m or 13m
  • Professional: 17m

It is recommended that PVC post protectors are added to the lower section of the posts to help protect players.

Pitch dimensions

Guidance from Sport England recommends the following pitch sizes, depending on the age group of the teams:

Rugby Union

  • U7/U8: Length 60m. Width 30
  • U9/U10: Length 80m. Width 50m
  • U11/U12: Length 90m. Width 55m
  • Senior: Length 144m. Width 70m

Rugby League

  • U7/U8: Length 60m. Width 40
  • U9/U10/U11: Length 80m. Width 50m
  • U12- Senior (Min): Length 92m. Width 55m
  • U12- Senior (Max): Length 100m. Width 68m

More information can be found in our pitch markings and dimensions guides for Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Maintenance tips

If properly maintained, posts can last 10 years, but general wear and tear and rust could reduce the life of your posts.

To protect against this, regular maintenance is essential. This includes regular checks for fixtures and fittings and using maintenance paint to help prevent rust spots on steel posts.

One of the most common causes of damage to rugby posts are strong winds. For this reason, it is recommended to take down posts in these conditions.

Harrod produce a wide range of Rugby posts and equipment for all age groups and conditions. Take a look at our range to find the right type for your school or club.

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