1. Other Sports

    Taking part in sport is something that brings with it an incredible variety of benefits. Improved physical and mental health, developing skills and making new friends are just the start of it. But while 40% of people exercise regularly, just 10.6% participate in sport once a week or more.

  2. Football

    The FA has a set criteria for football ground grading requirements which covers the Conference League and below. Working alongside all of the leagues in the National League, a standardised 'National Ground Grading Document' has been produced to assist clubs with meeting the grading requirements as they progress through the National League system.

  3. Football

    Harrod Sport is proud to introduce the world’s first FIFA Quality approved goal post’s – the 4G Stadium Pro and the 4G Stadium Goal.

  4. Football

    Coaching youth football (ages 11-18) requires a different approach compared to younger players. A key thing to remember when coaching teenage players is that they are very susceptible to tone, language and mood, and so it's important to portray activities and training sessions in a way that appeals to them.

  5. Football

    As a coach, you need to be aware that the needs and development of each child will be very different – coaching children is not the same as coaching teenagers or adults. Patience and understanding are necessary skills to have when coaching children of a young age.