Combination Club Training Posts


Combination Club Training Posts are designed for both badminton and short tennis.

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  • Unit: Set
  • Weight: 44.00kg
£292.57 Inc. VAT


The club combination posts are designed with a sellock pin sleeve located at 86cm for mini tennis.
The 'H' shaped bases have built-in weight and are fitted with rubber pads for floor protection.
Posts are attached to the base with a spring clip mechanism and can be easily detached for storage.


  • 1.55m high uprights made from 40mm diameter steel.
  • Uprights do not protrude into court area conforming to required safety standard.
  • Uprights have a grooved top for the net headline and welded cleats.
  • 19kg base for improved net tension meaning netting can be drawn tight without movement of the upright.
  • Offset wheels allow you to maximise space between courts.
  • Polyester powder coated blue.
  • Easy to use quick release clam cleats allow good net tension to be achieved.

What's Included

2 Posts
2 Bases
8 Wheels
2 Caps
All Bolts & Fixings


Q: For the BAD-036 posts do you use the BAD-003 net for badminton and mini tennis?
A: Yes one BAD-003 net will do both.

Q: What are the measurements of the Combination Club Badminton base?  
A: The dimensions over all are; 486mm width, 128mm Depth and 528mm Length. Dimensions of the weight block : 100mm width, 50mm Depth and 370mm Length.  

Additional Info

Conforms to BS EN 1509 safety standards.

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Combination Club Training Posts (Set)

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Combination Club Training Posts


  • Unit: Set
  • Weight: 44.00kg
£292.57 Inc. VAT
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No.1 Badminton Club Net - 6.1m


  • Unit:
  • Weight: 0.26kg
£19.76 Inc. VAT
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