Premier Portable Cricket Cage

Premier Portable Cricket Cage, our original premier freestanding, galvanised steel or aluminium practice cricket cage. Sturdy construction with a fully fitted roof and surround net. Can be easily wheeled into position by 2 people by attaching the lifting bar. Perfect for clubs and schools. Available as galvanised steel or aluminium options.

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  • Unit: Set
  • Weight: 199.00kg


Surround and roof netting joined for ease of installation and safety.
Detachable front lifting handle also prevents unauthorised play.


  • Size 3.2m H x 3.6m W x 7.2m D.
  • 50mm diameter uprights and toprods in steel.
  • Heavy duty 60mm steel fixing joints.
  • Diagonal steel supports for added stability.
  • Two cellular fixed rear wheels.
  • Supplied complete with 2mm thick black polypropylene netting Complete with 4 'U' Peg anchors.

What's Included

6 Uprights
3 Crossbars
4 Bottom sidebars
4 Top sidebars
1 Bottom backbar
4 Support Braces
1 Handle
2 Handle Brackets
2 Centre Brackets
2 Wheel brackets
2 Wheels
1 Net
All Bolts & Fixings

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