R.A.D. - Risk Assessment Device


The Harrod Sport goal post risk assessor is a unique goal post tester for performing risk assessment on all football goals used on grass pitches to ensure they are safe to use.

  • Unit: Each
  • Weight: 74.00kg
£3,313.08 Inc. VAT


  • Heavy duty steel trolley, zinc plated and powder coated red
  • High specification winch
  • 2x pnuematic tyred wheels for easy transportation
  • Detachable handle for compact storage
  • Portable load cell for measuring force and LCD display unit
  • 5m portable telescopic measuring rod complete with bag
  • 6 spirafix anchors for secure fixing and lump hammer
  • Heavy duty 1000kg lifting harness and 4mm thick straining wire
  • 8m measuring tape

What's Included

1 Main Assembly
1 Measuring Rod
1 Load Cell & Indicator
1 Crossbar Plate
1 4m Wire
1 1m Wire
1 Bag
All Bolts & Fixings

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Risk Assessment Device

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R.A.D. - Risk Assessment Device


  • Unit: Each
  • Weight: 74.00kg
£3,313.08 Inc. VAT
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