Everything you need to know about Harrod Sport

  1. Football

    While Euro 2020 was delayed for a year, it has certainly been worth the wait. Great goals, incredible comebacks and drama at every turn have made this one of the most exciting and memorable European Championships for decades.

  2. Football

    The best diet for a footballer is one which is high in calories as well as balanced in nutrients so your body is getting everything it needs. Due to the demands of the game and the physical expectations it puts on an individual, footballers must look after their bodies by considering what they consume before and after a game and training.

  3. Football

    Football is a very physically demanding sport due to the expectations it puts on an individual to have good speed and stamina. Endurance plays an important role in what makes a successful footballer and so working on all areas of your fitness is vital (players are estimated to cover roughly 10km during a 90-minute game).

  4. Football

    Harrod Sport are thrilled to be involved in the European Championships returning to the UK for the first time since 1996. For this summer’s tournament, Harrod Sport is delighted to be supplying goalposts for six prestigious venues, including Wembley Stadium and Hampden Park.

  5. Football

    Harrod Sport are committed to helping women’s sport get the recognition and appreciation it deserves. From grassroot to elite level, we are determined to help women’s football progress through continued support.

  6. News

    Ron Harrod's LegacyThe Ron Harrod Foundation is something which is very dear to our hearts and this year more so than ever. In December 2020, we lost our beloved founder, Ron Harrod. Ron Harrod not only founded Harrod Sport, but was the inspiration behind awarding young athletes...

  7. Football

    Team sports across England have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic as a result of social distancing restrictions and bans on large crowds. But how has this impacted football at a grassroots level? And how can the community bounce back from this crisis?

  8. News

    Gus Brinded, Purchasing Buyer for the Horticultural division of Harrod UK Ltd, the Lowestoft based firm employing 138 people.

  9. Other Sports Events

    Harrod Sport announce the "Home Olympics" After months of lockdown the summer is finally here. But the opportunity to participate in team sports is not yet available to many people. Of course, that shouldn't mean you can't keep active and have fun with your family. Har...

  10. Other Sports

    Whether you are refurbishing the indoor basketball court of a school gym, preparing an outdoor court at a club or marking out for a hoop in your garden, you'll find everything you need to know about the dimensions and markings of a standard adult-sized basketball court below.

  11. Other Sports

    Read up on the official tennis court dimensions, complete with tennis court size and marking information for both singles and doubles tournaments.

  12. Events

    The winners of Ron Harrod Foundation funding 2020 have been chosen by Ex-Norwich City player Iwan Roberts.

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